Thursday, 19 August 2010

First Kiss

We had decided to both go to the after work drinks at the pub.
We didn't work together, but you had just finished the audit on the company I worked for.
We were good friends and I had known you for 4 years.
"I will drop you off on my way home, I have to drive past your road" you said to me.
I got in your little white car, off we drove.
"I am not ready to go home yet" I said, tentatively wondering if you felt the same way about me as I did you.
"Let's stop and look at the sea" I mentioned
The tape deck was playing The Wonder Stuff as we watched the breakers hit the shore.
It was dark and you could hear the sea roaring as you wound down the window to stop the car steaming up.
And we sat, pretty much in silence.
Looking at the darkness outside the window, looming closer and closer.
My tummy rolled with the waves.
A hollow pit of nerves and anticipation.
You joked that we were parked in a notorious car park
I looked at you and you looked back at me and then we kissed.
I didn't want it to stop, but it had to.
We both had people at home waiting for us.
I was 20 years old and knew you were the one

We were married less then a year later.